Service: e-Care Communications services in North Karelia (Finland)

Our partners, the Regional Council of North Karelia and Karelia University of Applied Sciences, are developing e-care communication services in North Karelia region, in Finland.

Timo Rui, Senior Project Manager and Ph.D., and the team from Martha organization, testing the new Mevo camera.

Their objective with these services is to offer a technically advanced service that will give more possibilities to different kind of organizations to reach more people in an interactive way, while at the same time, is easy to set-up and use.

They are constantly having regional group meetings to engage with the Local Champions to develop and test together the different services, and make sure they are delivering the best and most suitable services to cover important needs on their community.

Some of the services are:

  • North Karelia Regional Library, Vaara Kirjastot, is in the process of obtaining the HUBLET, a loanable tablet device. These devices work in the libraries network, and is freely meant to be used by the customers.
  • The Martha Organization is a prime example how streaming their cooking tutorials can reach their entire user base. With the help of MEVO-cameras, it is possible to stream events straight to the customer’s own devices. (see picture)

The expected impacts of these services are:

  • For society, a better accessibility to the different kind of important healthcare information (eServices, information sessions) and a better involvement of citizens in whole North Karelia area.
  • For Karelia, offering new technical solutions to media teaching. Like this, Karelia can reach more people in scarcely populated North Karelia region, not only in Joensuu area.
  • For the Regional Council of North Karelia (RCNK), a new communication tool for sharing knowledge and information for RCNK’s stakeholders in an interactive way.

If you are interested in this service and want more information, you can contact us by clicking here.