IMPROVE is already piloting its first co-produced services

IMPROVE is reaching its last phase and we have started piloting some of the services in real life.

Our project involving the community to co-produce public services and bringing innovation into the Europe's Northern Periphery & Arctic area will finish in April 2018.

After developing a common methodology using existing experiences and identifying and preparing the local champions to lead the process, the IMPROVE partnership started the co-production of the services. An important asset in the process has been the established ‘Transnational Living Lab Network’, becoming the meeting point for discussion and assistance on common issues faced by the regions at the time that partners have taken advantage of the knowledge coming from the community to co-produce smarter and more effective public services.

The project is starting to pilot some of the services in real life where initial promising results are being obtained. According to IMPROVE’s Project Leader Jose Manuel San Emeterio, the data and feedback based on the participants experience will be now collected in order to analyse it for continuous improvement and further development.