Service: Enhancing e-services in Borgarbyggð municipality (Iceland)

Our partners in Iceland have focused on enhancing e-services in the Planning and Environmental Department of Borgarbyggð.

Icelandic IMPROVE team with local champions

In a living lab with local champions

Our partners in Iceland, Municipality of Borgarbyggð and Bifrost University, have focused on enhancing e-service in Planning and Environmental Department of Borgarbyggð.

Borgarbyggð is working on enhancing its e-services by making the municipality web more interactive and getting citizens to use the web for applications and to monitor the progress of their cases. By enhancing this e-service, Borgarbyggð will improve their document management, which creates efficiency and safety in public administration.

With the IMPROVE project they created a bottom-up service, working with 10 local champions, where the user of the service points out what it is they need, and by getting their involvement we hope to create a user-friendly service.

The impact expected with these services is:

  • Distance-spanning technologies facilitating access to public services in rural areas and avoiding citizens travelling to the municipality.
  • Improved management that leads into more efficiency which might give employees an extra time to focus on other tasks.
  • Participation in IMPROVE perceived as a sustainable factor through the learning process which can be used for other departments in the municipality.
  • Increased participation from the community in matters such as the deployment of high speed broadband where they directly provide recommendations on where the infrastructure should be placed.