Service: Enhancing e-services in Planning and Environmental Department of Borgarbyggð (Iceland)

Our partners in Iceland, Municipality of Borgarbyggð and Bifrost University, are focusing on enhancing e-service in Planning and Environmental Department of Borgarbyggð.

Icelandic IMPROVE team with local champions

In a living lab with local champions

Borgarbyggð is working on enhancing its e-services, by making the municipality web more interactive and getting citizens to use the web for applications and to monitor the progress of their cases. By enhancing this e-service, Borgarbyggð will improve their document management, which creates efficiency and safety in public administration.

With the IMPROVE project they created a bottom-up service where the user of the service points out what it is they need, and by getting their involvement we hope to create a user-friendly service.

The impact expected with this services is:

  • Facilitates access to a public service in rural areas, when citizens can hand in applications over the web instead of going to the municipality.
  • Better document management creates an efficiency which might give employees an extra time to focus on time – consuming tasks.
  • They can see IMPROVE has a sustainable factor as a learning process which they can use for other departments in the municipality.
  • Other thing is that the introduction of e-services makes a pressure on the telecommunications matters, consequently, work has begun with establishing the project of providing a fibre optic cable, and where residents make recommendations on ways that would be best to go in this regard, where the cable can be and where not.

If you are interested in this service and want more information, you can contact us by clicking here.