Strategic Growth Partnership in the North West of Ireland

The Partnership has organised a second meeting with the objective of bringing "real and positive change for the region".

Jointly led by the IMPROVE project partners, Donegal County Council (Ireland) and Derry City & Strabane District Council (Northern Ireland, UK), the Partnership has been endorsed by both governments through the North South Ministerial Council. According to Derry City and Strabane District Council's announcement, attendants have worked together to "collectively resource the regions key priorities for growth and development with a commitment to building a more resilient economy in the North West City Region".

The Partnership, which is being supported by the International Centre for Local and Regional Development (ICLRD), heard from the Chief Executives of both Councils on the ongoing work in the Donegal County Development Plan process and the Strategic Growth Plan for the Derry and Strabane area. They shared knowledge and opinions about the priorities of the Partnership with a view to driving forward the economic, environmental and social regeneration of the region. They also discussed around a number of key strategic priority areas including critical transport infrastructure requirements, industry, the economy and the associated skills needs and regions' cultural and heritage tourism potential, particularly in light of the upcoming European Year of Cultural Heritage.

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Picture by Derry City and Strabane District Council