Service: Pre-planning spatial service (Ireland)

Our partners, Donegal County Council, are developing different pre-planning spatial services for co-producing it with the citizens, in County Donegal (Ireland).

The Cathedral Quarter committee at the beginning of the project.

Eunan Quinn of Donegal County Council, Duncan McLaren, author of the report and Cathedral Quarter secretary Donnan Harvey. On the Cathedral Quarter Project Launch.

The area of the town between the Main Commercial street of Letterkenny and the Cathedral for the Cathedral Quarter project.

The services that are developing within the IMPROVE project are:

  1. Citizen sourced Zoning
  2. Collaborative Development Planning
  3. Social Media Sharing Tools
  4. Online GIS Mapping

Donegal County Council makes planning decisions with both regard to statutory policies and zonings and also local issues. It is easy to see the National and County wide statutory datasets in a GIS (Geographic Information System) but the local knowledge information is not captured on a map platform. This platform will allow local communities to come together to digitise issues relating to their community which they feel should be considered in planning decisions. Issues could differ from defining local road danger zones to determining where a community would like to see various zonings. The platform will allow users to vote on designations so that planners will be able to see which are of most concern/agreement within the community. This local information will feed into the planning decision process and ultimately the county development plan process.

The local communities design the information to collect within the GIS system. They define the zonings or issues points. The County Council will then have to consider how that information can feed into the Pre-planning, Planning decision and Development Plan services.

Ultimately the users of the system will be all the 160,000 citizens of the county. They are starting with a local community in Letterkenny who are looking the local issues and how they would like to shape the development of the “Cathedral Quarter” in Letterkenny Town. This is a micro scale project within the County Context, but it’s a project where both locals and business owners will be able to vote on and come to an agreement on designations and issues.

The local Cathedral Quarter group in Letterkenny which is comprised of 6 members. They represent an area of the town between the Main Commercial street of Letterkenny and the Cathedral (see map).

The expected output is:

  • A developed GIS system that allows the public to capture the information they desire from their community to represent the local issues
  • A method of voting on the local issue to gain insight into the priorities within the local community
  • A process of moderating and accepting local data into the Corporate datasets and processes
  • A public viewer of local issues alongside Statutory and County zonings etc. so that applicants can be conscious of all issues before developing a planning application
  • A pre-planning notification system where result of a pre-planning search will include the local issues in a report.

If you are interested in this service and want more information, you can contact us by clicking here.