Some of the local events of the IMPROVE partners

The IMPROVE partners have held many local conferences, lectures, workshops, training sessions and meetings in Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Ireland and North Ireland.

Training session in the Regional Council of North Karelia (Finland)

Identifying the Local Champions in Karelia University of Applied Sciences (Finland)

Press launch of IMPROVE with Mayor of Derry City & Strabane District Council (North Ireland)

Training session on Change management in BorgarbyggĂ°, Iceland

Meeting with Local Champions to out line the project proposal, Donegal County Council (Ireland)

Dialogue meeting with champions, Western Norway Research Institute

All the partner regions have held several events with their Local Champions and regional representatives as part of the IMPROVE project. 

For example, they have participated in the following:

  • training sessions to develop digital skills of Social Media platforms and audio-visual solutions
  • presentations for the Development Management process
  • planning for future Local Champions activities
  • discussions about ongoing e-services in health and social care in municipalities
  • courses in 'cost-benefit'


Please, find some pictures of the partners in different local events, conferences and meetings related to the IMPROVE project.